Free Valorant Point Earning Counter| (VP)

Free Valorant Point Earning Counter (VP)


Valorant, a popular tactical first-person shooter developed by Riot Games, has garnered a massive player base and is well-loved in the gaming community. To succeed in the game and purchase new cosmetic items, you’ll need Valorant Points (VP). However, you don’t necessarily have to spend real money to acquire VP. In this article, we will provide you with detailed information on how to earn free VP in Valorant.

What are Valorant Points (VP)?

Valorant Points, or VP for short, are the in-game currency of Valorant. You can use VP to purchase in-game items such as cosmetic items, weapon skins, and player cards from the in-game store. VP allows players to customize their gaming experience and enhance their in-game appearances.

How to Earn Free VP?

There are several ways to earn free VP in the Valorant game. Here are these methods:

  1. Weekly Missions and First Win Bonus Valorant offers weekly missions. When you complete these missions, you earn VP. Additionally, you receive a “First Win Bonus” of VP each day you win a match. This daily bonus increases with each consecutive day and can be a significant source of VP when combined with weekly missions.
  2. Battle Pass and Battle Pass Bonuses With each new season in Valorant, there is a Battle Pass available. By purchasing the Battle Pass, you can earn VP by participating in in-game events and leveling up your Battle Pass tiers. The bonus rewards at Battle Pass tiers also contribute to your VP earnings.
  3. Twitch Random Drops Watching Twitch livestreams while playing Valorant can sometimes earn you random VP rewards. During Twitch Drops events, watching specific Twitch streams can increase your chances of earning VP.
  4. Tournaments and Events Valorant community tournaments and special events often distribute VP rewards. By following and participating in these kinds of events, you can earn free VP.
  5. Twitch Prime and Valorant If you are a Twitch Prime subscriber or participating in a specific Twitch Prime event related to Valorant, you may have the chance to earn various rewards, including VP.


Earning free VP in Valorant is possible, and these methods can help you acquire in-game items without spending real money. Keep in mind that accumulating VP may sometimes require time and effort. By completing in-game missions, leveling up Battle Pass tiers, and participating in community events, you can gather more VP. Customizing your Valorant experience with VP can make your gameplay even more enjoyable.

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